Who is oneinteractive?
We are a group of digital designers and programmers who have an expertise in e-learning, database, and e-marketing. We started in Cambridge, MA in 1996 with one client in the technology sector, and grew by client referral. As we continued to grow, we noticed many large companies moving their IT departments offshore to reduce costs. In 1998, we established a design and production center in Bali, Indonesia to lower overall project costs -- and to be more responsive to our clients’ growing 24/7 development needs.

What are your areas of expertise?
Web-based database applications (extranets, intranets), e-learning programs (e-training, e-seminars), corporate presentations and product demonstrations, and integrated e-marketing campaigns (with web, multimedia, database, and referral components), e-commerce and corporate webs.


Do you have an industry focus?
No, but most of our clients are from the Technology, Entertainment, Healthcare and Advertising areas. These industries have a constant demand to use dynamic multimedia designs to show case applications, deliver company information, demonstrate how products work, and to sell solutions.


Who are some of your clients?
Some of our clients include Grey Direct, Concord Communications, Deltathree, Mazunetworks, Silverback Technologies, Novartis Pharmaceuticals, Rowan/Warren, and the Massachusetts Interactive Media Council. The common element is – they all “get it”. They all understand that technology leverages and empowers their most valuable resources -- their people, and improves their company’s overall performance.


What types of projects have you built?
Our team has built robust backend database applications for company extranets, complete start-to-finish e-marketing campaigns for selling products and events, web based corporate presentations and product demonstrations, e-learning and e-training seminars, and corporate webs.


What can you do for my company?
We can design and build your projects for less than you can (working with your internal or external team of information architects, content providers, and creative directors), allowing you to optimize your resources. You focus on content and delivery specifications, and leverage our expertise with your teams’ knowledge.


What benefits we can expect from working with you?
Projects completed on time and on budget. Your team members can focus on their goals -- and you save countless hours of frustration, headaches, and missed deadlines. In addition, the momentum you gain continues to drive your team to perform, creating other ongoing unexpected benefits for your company.


Why do clients enjoy a long-term relationship with oneinteractive?
We understand their goals. We continue to exceed their expectations. We do more for less. We deliver.

How can I get started?
Just fill out our client contact form and our president will contact you directly. Let us know if you have a project and want to see what we can do for you, or if you just want to discuss how we might work together. Our goal is to develop long-term relationships that add value and drive improved results for you.